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February 2, 2018 by Twajivunia Team

The remarkable journey of Ameni Kibera under the leadership of Ben Ooko

February 3, 2018 by Twajivunia Team

Good Samaritan

Mama Mercy has been a mother to thousands

February 3, 2018 by Twajivunia Team

Good Samaritan

Mama Mercy has been a mother to thousands

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We are a team of three friends with a common goal

Eric Kirimi Munene


Eric is a talented multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and entrepreneur with many years of experience. A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Maseno University, Eric’s attention to detail, skill set, and desire to produce quality work is of value to Twajivunia Kenya. Additionally, he runs several music programs that offer music lessons to children and youth in slams as well as a select number of inmates at Lang’ata Women’s Maximum Prison.


Kennedy Kyalo

Expression in art

I am an accomplished illustrator with a professional experience of five years.  My passion for illustration is rooted in the belief that an illustration is an effective tool for communicating ideas in a fun way. I am an Interior Design graduate from Maseno University and a self-taught artist who exhibits a strong desire to learn, improving my style and building a rich vocabulary of ways to communicate effectively with visual content, among them animation. My desire to grow and explore more avenues of Visual Storytelling saw me take up Film Making, Photography and Animation as a hobby. Now, I put these skills to use daily, both for practice and ensuring quality content is delivered for Twajivunia Kenya.


Mark Owuor

I believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Over the last seven years, not only have I seen the effects of poverty in our society, but also witnessed the love and dedication of individuals who give their all so that others may grow. My interactions with different people shaped my view of life, and consequently my academic and professional choices. I graduated from Maseno University’s School of Development and Strategic Studies and to improve on what I could offer others, I developed interests in communications, ICT, Digital Storytelling, and community work. With the belief that this country’s strongest asset is her people, I emotionally connect with individuals to help them tell their stories in an inspiring manner through Twajivunia Kenya Platform.



We are looking for "local Heros" to feature on this platform. Please feel free to suggest to us individuals who meet the criteria.


We currently use our own resources to make these films. We, therefore, bank on your support through sharing with your networks so that we can continue bringing more content.


We welcome feedback on ways to improve our work